Wire2U is a family-owned network wiring business serving the greater Indianapolis area for all of your wiring needs, including:

  • installing a new network with internet and voice jacks as well as IP or other phone systems
  • updating a network or phone system in an office
  • trouble shooting a network problem or phone system problem
  • installing cameras and TV’s
  • anything that requires low-voltage wiring!

6 Reasons to Call Wire2u:

  1. You are starting a new business and need a new network with internet and phone systems.
  2. You need to update your internet or phone systems.
  3. You need new internet or phone jacks.
  4. You need internet or phone jacks moved.
  5. You need to install a few more internet or phone jacks.
  6. You have other technology or wiring issues and need the help of an experienced professional.